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Market Yourself On Linkedin

Do you know that nine in 10 employers use social media to hire talent? On LinkedIn, the largest and most popular professional networking site, you can find career opportunities, keep up with industry trends and get connected to like-minded professionals and thought leaders in your industry. Follow this guide to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.



While it is easy to send a connection request on LinkedIn using the default paragraph, writing a personalised message in your invitation will increase the likelihood of your request getting accepted. Personalising your message helps you start meaningful conversations and create memorable first impressions. There is a 300-character limit so keep your message brief and succinct.

What you should include:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Mention how you found them
  • Connect on common ground,
  • for e.g. mention a mutual connection
  • Be clear about your intention to connect

Now that you are done, start getting active on LinkedIn! Like and comment on posts and even publish your own content. Remember to keep the content professional and relevant to your field.