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Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (2022)

Analyst, Infosys Consulting 

Please tell us about your role and responsibilities

I am currently an Analyst with Infosys Consulting. My main responsibilities include collaborating with clients from different industries, helping them to manage complex change and transformation as well as perform research and analysis about the clients’ contexts and their needs. 

How long did you take to secure the job after graduation?

I secured my full-time position in early semester 2 of my final year, before my graduation in July 2022. 

What are some challenges you faced when looking for a job and how did you overcome them? 

The main challenge I faced was in figuring out what kind of work environment and job scope I want to kickstart my career in. In the beginning, I applied to various roles and only found out through interviews that the roles and companies were not what I wanted for my starter job. 

Another challenge I faced was the tight competition in the market especially as a Humanities graduate who was trying to break into the corporate world. However, this challenge was easily mitigated through my early hunt for jobs as well as speaking to the different career consultants who gave me valuable insights into the various industries and their advice in navigating the interview stages. 

How did you land yourself this position?

I found my current position through NTU’s CareerAxis. It is a very useful and safe platform to look for jobs offered by reputable employers. 

Employers would sometimes leave the email address of their HR department or hiring manager on job listings, making it a lot more accessible for you to get in touch with the hiring manager for the role.

Please share your tips and advice with fellow students who will be looking for jobs or internships soon

Don’t be afraid to start early and to ask for help. Starting early did give me an edge because I was able to survey the demands of the market and the different individuals who were up for the same jobs I wanted. 

Moreover, as an undergraduate student, I did not know much of the different industries or what kinds of jobs would fit with my interests and skillsets. This is where early career counselling and chats with the different professionals from NTU’s Career & Attachment Office (CAO) helped a lot!

Finally, as you kickstart your job hunt, it is not a one-way street where it is just the organisation who is making a judgement of whether you will be a good fit for the role, you should also take the opportunity to ask questions and decide for yourself if the role/organisation is a good fit for you and if the work environment is somewhere you want to grow in. All the best in your internship or job search!

Values are the qualities that give you a sense of purpose and keep your career satisfaction going.

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