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Tips to Ace Your Job Interviews

Jobs interviews are daunting for many. Just like taking your examinations, preparing early for an upcoming interview increases your chances of performing well. Here are some tips in prepping for your interview so that you can feel confident and clinch that coveted job.


  • Do your initial research about the organisation’s background, mission, values and work from the company’s website.
  • Speak to your Career Consultants, seniors or mentors about the organisation and the industry to gain deeper insights.
  • Read press releases, news articles and annual reports to learn about the organisation’s recent performance and update yourself on industry trends.
  • Find out who are your interviewers and their backgrounds. This demonstrates your interest and helps you understand what your interviewers are looking for in a potential hire.
  • Develop a list of meaningful questions to ask the interviewers based on your research.


  • Have your interview outfit ready beforehand.
  • Pack all the documents and items you need the day before. Prepare extra printed copies of your resume and necessary documents.
  • For an in-person interview, plan your route to the venue and arrive 15 minutes early. Factor in any potential delays and ensure that you have a few extra minutes to do a quick mirror check in the restroom and put yourself at ease.
  • For a virtual interview, make sure you are ready and on standby at your computer before the interview is due to begin. Prepare all your technology needs and calm your nerves before the virtual interview.


  • Examine the job description and review how your skills, experiences, abilities and strengths match the role before the interview.
  • Identify concrete illustrations of how you can add value to the organisation and why you are a good fit for the role.


  • Prepare and rehearse answers to common interview questions so that you are comfortable with talking about yourself.
  • Schedule mock interview sessions with your Career Coaches and Consultants to get feedback on how you answer interview questions, as well as your body language, mannerisms and facial expressions.


  • Dress to impress. Make sure you look sharp, neat and presentable for the interview.
  • Arrive early. Being late is a sign of disrespect and an inability to manage your time.
  • Use proper language. Avoid using slang, Singlish and uncommon or inappropriate abbreviations during the interview.
  • Do not make references to age, race, religion, politics and sexual orientation.
  • Be sincere and polite. Remember to smile and say thank you!


  • Send a ‘thank you’ note to the interviewers. It is also an opportunity to reiterate your interest in the position and explain why you are the best candidate.
  • If you think you did not answer a question well during the interview, use this opportunity to clarify.
  • Or if you did not have an answer (or perhaps some data or statistics) to a question during the interview, use this opportunity to follow-up with the information.


Situation Describe the situation you were in.

Task Describe the task you were given.

Actions Explain what you did, how you overcame challenges and why you did it that way.

Results Reveal the positive outcomes of your actions, focusing on your accomplishments and lessons.


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