NTU Career Tracks 2023



Take the first step, explore opportunities and get ready to reach your goal of gaining good employment after graduation.

Even as we see an increase in demand for talent across the board as industries look to ramp up operations post-pandemic, we cannot rest on our laurels.


As a tiny island state, Singapore is especially vulnerable to volatile global economies. Our workforce needs to be highly skilled in solving today’s complex business problems and tomorrow’s challenges to remain attractive to foreign investors and also to become more self-reliant. Therefore, it is important for us to continuously nurture generations of youths with an entrepreneurial mindset and an outlook of creativity, innovativeness, initiative and resourcefulness for the future.

To many of you, NTU Career & Attachment Office (CAO) serves as a bridge between university and the working world. We are here to give you a good head start and prepare you to be career ready right from your first day with NTU. Thriving in today’s workforce not only requires domain skills and knowledge, employers are also looking out for candidates who are adaptable, intellectually curious, creative and critical thinkers, effective communicators and collaborative team players.

To ensure our graduates remain competitive in the global economy, the programmes developed at CAO are aligned to NTU 2025 Education Strategy of developing attributes embodied by the university 3C’s – Character, Competence and Cognitive Agility. CAO advocates authentic learning to prepare you for the realities of the workplace. On top of personalised career coaching and industry-specific consultations, you get to gain valuable real-world experiences and insights through mentorship programmes, job shadowing, work-integrated programmes and internships.

Internships are an integral part of the NTU undergraduate experience and from August 2021, internships will be made compulsory for all undergraduate students. This real-world industry exposure will give our students an opportunity to apply knowledge learned in University to an authentic work environment, strengthen their work values, and gain interpersonal skills to grow both personally and professionally.

Career experiential programmes such as NTU PEAK, NTU EDGE, hackathons, industry-led workshops, company visits, job shadowing and personal or group mentorship provide students with valuable career insights. Through networking opportunities and interactions with dedicated mentors and industry professionals, you get to gain job-specific skills and industry insights. I strongly encourage you to find your mentors and seek out what truly inspires you.

For those of you who are not so sure where and how to start, CAO launched the OWN IT! campaign where you can take guidance from our carefully curated year-on-year roadmap. There are no excuses for you – take the first step, explore opportunities and get ready to reach your goal of gaining good employment after graduation. Once again, CAO is here to help you own and shape your future. Come to us and OWN IT!

To the Class of 2023, congratulations on achieving an important milestone of your life. As you move on to the next chapter of your life, whether as part of the workforce, an aspiring entrepreneur or a graduate student, remember to remain adaptable and resilient in whichever path you choose. But most of all, CAO invites you back as a valued member of our extended Career Community! You can be our alumni-mentor, industry partner or just give a talk to your fellow NTU juniors to motivate them.

Go forth and achieve great things!

Loh Pui Wah
Career & Attachment Office