NTU Career Tracks 2024

Consumer Business and E-Commerce

Opportunities abound in Singapore’s established consumer business and e-commerce industry for driven graduates who seek to innovate, delight customers and win market share while carving out a career in this thriving industry.

As a consumer insights hub, Singapore draws a large number of global players in diverse sectors ranging from beauty, food and beverage, nutrition and fragrances to personal care. These multinationals have established their regional headquarters and manufacturing and research facilities in the republic, thereby creating a thriving consumer hub.

Graduates who are keen in the industry can look forward to careers with attractive prospects with global brands, top consumer firms and cutting-edge research and development centres. A career in this sector promises exposure to global and regional markets where one can gain exceptional consumer insights and acquire the know-how of launching and growing a successful brand.

Today’s e-commerce platforms are no longer viewed as a threat to traditional consumer business roles. Not only is it recognised that the human touch is essential when it comes to growing markets, developments in e-commerce have led to the creation of more progressive functions for employees and exciting new categories of jobs.

The e-commerce sector requires talents with varied skills which include soft skills such as creativity and interpersonal skills. Tech talents are also needed to develop and leverage advancements in digital technologies.

Another emerging focus area is sustainability, driven by growing consumer consciousness of issues on purchasing habits and ecological balance. As a result of this new consumer awareness, sustainability has become a key focus in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Today, players in the FMCG industry are investing extensive resources and effort on areas such as sustainable packaging and sourcing, environmental protection, and energy efficiency.


The consumer business industry is highly diverse, attracting graduates from various disciplines for a wide array of roles from marketing and brand management to e-commerce and data analytics, retail, supply chain, finance and human resource.

Numerous corporations offer graduate programmes, internships, and apprenticeships. These openings are keenly sought after by graduates and students. To enhance your prospects in the consumer business industry, be sure to demonstrate relevant skill sets and experiences by doing volunteer work or by participating in co-curricular and leadership activities, business case competitions, and innovation challenges organised by schools and potential employers. Bear in mind that creativity is highly valued by the industry, as well as strong presentation and analytical skills.

Furthermore, many FMCG companies invest heavily in research and development to continually differentiate their products. This means there are numerous opportunities for those with the relevant technical and research skill sets.


  • Degree in any discipline
  • Passion for retail, FMCG, or associated industries
  • Awareness of the latest consumer and product trends
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and strong problem-solving skills
  • Digital literacy including knowledge of e-commerce SEO
  • Technical skills in areas such as AI and machine learning
  • Data/market analytical skills
  • Content writing skills


  • Driven and proactive individuals who are open to learning
  • Strong analytical skills coupled with a sensitive understanding of data
  • Ability to manage complexity and work under pressure
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively within a team
  • Leadership quality and resilient aptitude
  • Strong people and interpersonal skills
  • Creativity and adaptability