NTU Career Tracks 2024

Media and Marketing

With brands and organisations jostling for attention in a fiercely competitive digital landscape, media and marketing talents are sought after in all industries to help develop effective communication strategies.

As a thriving regional media hub, new media content is constantly being pushed out from Singapore to the rest of Asia to capture the growing consumer base in the region. Singapore continues to generate great demand for creative and technical talents as a media hub.

Similar to many other industries, megatrends like digitalisation and e-commerce have reshaped the media and marketing industry. In the wake of the pandemic, the industry has accelerated its pace of adoption of digitalisation, big data, e-commerce, and social media marketing.

Job roles within the media and marketing industry are evolving as the industry moves away from traditional media and marketing platforms. Consequently, skills in digitalisation, big data, e-commerce, social media marketing and content marketing are highly sought after by media and marketing firms. This means that digitally savvy media and marketing professionals will enjoy great opportunities for career growth and progression, while traditionally trained practitioners will have to acquire digital skill sets to continue to thrive.


Life is never dull in this fast-paced and dynamic industry. In the coming years, organisations of all sizes will be on the lookout for digital marketers, data scientists, market and data analysts, social media strategists, content marketers, and producers.

Graduates can choose to join a media and marketing agency or corporation to build their skills and portfolio and get exposure to a diverse range of clients and projects. Those with relevant experience can consider transitioning to similar roles with a brand or corporate organisation. Successful media and marketing professionals may also explore opportunities in consultancy work or even start their own agency.

It is crucial to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology and market trends to thrive and advance in a media and marketing career.


  • Degree in mass communication, media studies, marketing, business, and related disciplines
  • A creative flair coupled with knowledge of social media platforms and the latest in market and consumer trends
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines and under pressure


  • Strong written and verbal communication as well as presentation skills
  • Prior experience working in a media and marketing agency or corporation, together with a strong portfolio
  • An independent player who is also able to work well within a team
  • Business acumen
  • Adaptability and resourcefulness, with the ability to learn quickly on the job