NTU Career Tracks 2024


Non-profit, philanthropic, and social service organisations are actively seeking talented individuals who are passionate about driving positive change and making a difference for social good to achieve a greater impact.

Today, the non-profit and philanthropic sector is a growing and vibrant industry, encompassing a diverse range of organisations such as social enterprises, community foundations, advocacy groups, and social service organisations.

Against the backdrop of an ageing population and facing an increasing complexity of social issues amidst an uncertain future, charities and philanthropic organisations are set to play a larger and more critical role in Singapore.

Another notable development is the push to professionalise the industry. Organisations in the industry have stepped up their efforts in this direction even as public perception of non-profit organisations has shown a positive shift in recent years. Non-profit organisations are making concerted efforts to enhance their capabilities and boost their transparency and accountability. This shift aligns with the positive change in public perception towards non-profit organizations in recent years.

As these non-profit and philanthropic organisations continue to grow and professionalise, they will need a great number of talents to further boost credibility and professionalism. This bodes well for job prospects in the industry.


Working in a non-profit organisation can be both meaningful and challenging. Non-profit organisations in Singapore are expected to demonstrate thought leadership, exceptional care management, innovation, and professionalism. To meet these expectations, professionals in the industry must take on a variety of roles and are often involved in the launch of important initiatives.

Today, talents in marketing and digital content are highly sought after to communicate the value of each organisation’s work to the public and promote greater public awareness of the organisation. There are also roles in development and donor relations open to graduates, as non-profit organisations strive to increase funding and preserve financial sustainability.

For those interested in driving social change and working closely with the community, there are opportunities to create and manage programmes, organise events, and handle project management. Qualified professionals are also needed in the areas of human resource and finance. They are key in enabling non-profit organisations to boost their capabilities in the long term.

Non-profit organisations are heavily investing in training and career development to attract talent. Graduates who join the industry can look forward to opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge.


  • Degree in any discipline, including business administration, marketing, social work, and related disciplines
  • Passion to establish a career in the non-profit sector
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team


  • Excellent problem-solving and organisational skills
  • Adaptability and the ability to learn fast on the job