NTU Career Tracks 2024

Public Service

Singapore places a strong emphasis on growing its public sector talent pool to drive the nation’s advancement in an increasingly complex world. The Singapore public sector recruits individuals from diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Despite their diversity, Singapore public servants are united by a common passion for developing Singapore into a leading global city of talent, enterprise, and innovation.

The Singapore public service is one of the largest employers in Singapore. It employs about 146,000 officers in 16 ministries and over 50 statutory boards. These officers support the five sectors of the Singapore public service: economic, security, social, infrastructure and environment, and central administration.

As the world becomes more complex, the Singapore public service sector is also undergoing transformation. For instance, the Singapore public service is undergoing digital transformation to enhance the efficient utilisation of government resources.

To meet the future needs of the nation, the Singapore public sector is actively seeking talents from diverse backgrounds who can offer fresh perspectives and different skill sets to drive innovation and address emerging challenges.

If you are interested in implementing systems to meet the long-term complex needs of the nation and in nurturing the country’s multi-industry economy, the Singapore public service sector may be an ideal choice.

It is important to note that public servants in Singapore are expected to exercise foresight in developing policies, programmes and plans while staying agile, grounded and open to the world. They are also expected to uphold high ethical standards and to possess a strong sense of social responsibility.

As a public servant, your career could span the areas of trade, defence and the environment, among others. Regardless of the sector you choose to be in, a career in the Singapore public service offers stable career prospects as well as the opportunity to contribute to the growth, prosperity and security of the nation.


Working in the public service offers unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of Singapore. Your work could be in domains ranging from the economy to education, from infrastructure to healthcare, and from foreign affairs to local issues. To excel in the public service sector, you will need to have a passion for serving the people, in accord with the Singapore public sector’s consultative and customer-centric approach.

Singapore’s civil service boasts a robust leadership development system that welcomes graduates from all backgrounds. Graduates keen to join public service can look forward to multiple career development pathways. Junior officers, for instance, will benefit from job rotation within the service, which is designed to facilitate knowledge acquisition in areas such as policy, technology, operations, and communication. Meanwhile, senior officers may be seconded to other ministries or statutory boards, or even take up a brief stint in the private sector, providing them with deep exposure in specific areas of expertise.

Starting salaries in public service are relatively attractive, and there are ample prospects for both personal and professional advancement.


  • Good academic record, with a degree from any discipline
  • Keen sense of responsibility and high ethical standards
  • Strong leadership, analytical, and organisational skills
  • Relevant skill sets for job functions applied for
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


  • A desire to serve Singapore and shape the country’s future
  • A whole-of-government perspective
  • Resourcefulness and the ability to respond quickly and under pressure
  • Keen attention to detail