NTU Career Tracks 2023

Local Internship Experience


Communication Studies 

Regional Marketing Intern with Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson & Johnson)

What made you choose this internship?

As a lifelong patient of eczema, I have always wondered how pharmaceutical companies communicate with patients like me. Having been on the receiving end of such communication campaigns, I felt that I could bring first-hand experience to the table to make campaigns more effective. Janssen’s market leadership in dermatology products was also a key factor in me applying for the role.

How did you prepare yourself for the internship?

I familiarised myself with the Janssen Pharmaceuticals portfolio by exploring their website and briefly reviewing their communication materials. I also made it a habit to read industry news on specialised websites such as Fierce Pharma.

What are your main responsibilities as an intern?

I joined shortly before the annual APAC-wide team conferences and was tasked with content creations such as email teasers and highlight reels, with a reach of over 500 colleagues.

For post-conference, I worked on other content creation tasks such as editing explainer videos for a refreshed organisation-wide HR initiative.

Lastly, dealing with different markets in the region meant that there was a potential for more cross-market collaboration. One of my milestone tasks was to archive on a SharePoint library relevant Patient and Physician campaign materials across key markets so Janssen marketers could easily access past materials for inspiration and reference. 

What do you like about this internship experience?

I loved being able to get an inside look at the creative process behind campaigns, including seeing how different cultures affect campaign creation. It was also fascinating to meet colleagues from across APAC who shared their unique working experiences and perspectives. 

What are some challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? 

Working in an MNC often requires going through multiple channels for a task to be completed. Especially when the task is time-sensitive, there can sometimes be a feeling of helplessness when the ball is in someone else’s court. In such instances, doggedness is an underrated quality that could determine whether the task gets completed before the deadline.

How have you developed through this internship? What have you learnt and what are your key takeaways?

Being open-minded to tackle tasks outside of my job scope not only allows me to interact with colleagues from job functions, but also provides a useful “charging break” from my regular tasks. By saying yes to different tasks, I was able to experience building business cases and financial forecasting.

Please share your advice with your peers who will be going on internships

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to reach out – chances are your colleagues are just as interested in your work as you are in theirs. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; rather, it reflects your willingness to take initiative and grow from your learnings. Also, be sure to connect with your colleagues on LinkedIn after you complete your internship – you will never know when an industry contact will be useful!

Values are the qualities that give you a sense of purpose and keep your career satisfaction going.

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