NTU Career Tracks 2024

Accounting and Auditing

Join a new generation of accountants who are emerging as trusted business advisors and creating impact at every stage of business growth.

The demand for accountancy and auditing professionals remains strong as organisations across all industries grapple with increasingly complex business realities.

Megatrends such as rapid digital adoption, globalisation and heightened regulation are amplifying opportunities for accountants to evolve into trusted business advisors. Increasingly, today’s accounting professionals are expected to apply financial knowledge and expertise to provide insights and contribute to shaping business decisions across borders.

These developments have transformed accounting into a career brimming with possibilities. Accounting graduates can look forward to pursuing diverse career paths and carving out their own niche within the profession. These pathways include accounting, auditing, tax and financial management and consultancy services such as financial analysis and business valuation.

Accounting graduates can unlock even more opportunities in this industry when they equip themselves with data analytics skills such as Python, SQL and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


As Singapore strives to establish itself as a leading global accountancy hub, accounting graduates in Singapore are presented with promising career prospects.

Graduates can look forward to joining a highly dynamic profession that offers unique opportunities in highgrowth areas such as financial forensics, enterprise risk management, restructuring and insolvency, and mergers and acquisitions. They can either choose to join the numerous firms in Singapore that provide high-value accounting services or pursue roles spanning across all industries.

Top corporate leadership roles are also within reach for chartered accountants. Additionally, candidates who demonstrate business acumen, leadership abilities, technological expertise or knowledge in risk management will be increasingly sought after by employers.


  • Basic or higher degree in accountancy
  • Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification or CPA certification for auditing roles
  • Enhanced qualifications depending on the specialization such as Chartered Accountant (Singapore), Certified Financial Services Auditor, and Certified Internal Auditor
  • In-depth knowledge of tax laws and other legal requirements
  • Organizational, communication, and collaborative skills
  • High level of professionalism, integrity, and legal ethical awareness


  • Solid hard skills (such as RPA) and experience
  • Demonstrates business acumen, communication skills, and leadership qualities
  • Digital fluency and capacity with the ability to learn new technologies
  • Genuine curiosity and tenacity for top auditing jobs
  • Data mining and digital skills for top leadership positions