NTU Career Tracks 2024


Insurance organisations in Singapore are actively seeking talents as the insurance industry in the country steps up its pace of transformation.

With Asia positioned as the world’s fastest-growing market for insurance products and services, Singapore’s insurance sector offers graduates unparalleled opportunities for professional growth.

Graduates who opt for a career in the insurance industry will find themselves immersed in a competitive and innovative sector where they will be exposed to diverse market sectors and engage in forward-focused work.

Insurance companies around the world have been accelerating business transformation efforts to address changing consumer expectations and navigate the ongoing digital disruption. Looking to capitalise on new market opportunities in the insurance sector, they have become leaner and more focused on enhancing customer experiences while adopting new technologies.

In this dynamic and rapidly evolving environment, there will be a high demand for new talents, particularly those equipped with skills in digital literacy, data analysis and stakeholder management.


Individuals who enter the local insurance industry will benefit from Singapore’s prominent position as a leading insurance marketplace in Asia. They can look forward to forging rewarding careers in diverse areas including underwriting, operations, marketing, compliance, claims, actuarial science, digital technology, data analysis, and finance.

Those considering a career in the insurance industry will benefit from an understanding of how job roles, as well as relevant skill sets, may evolve ahead. For example, underwriters in the future may spend more time on assessing risk instead of data processing. Actuaries of tomorrow will focus more on product innovation and analytical insights. Claims examiners may work more closely with data teams to manage claims.

Lifelong learning is key to success in this industry as insurance organisations need to continually adapt to evolving market trends to meet the expectations and needs of an increasingly savvy and discerning audience.

To make strides in the industry, broaden your exposure to diverse sectors and improve your proficiency in data analysis and data storytelling, among other business skills.


  • Degree in finance, economics, statistics, actuarial science, mathematics, or related disciplines
  • Keen interest in building a career in the insurance industry
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • A blend of technical skills and business acumen


  • A strong academic record and honours degree may be required for admission to a graduate programme
  • Flexible, adaptive, and proactive
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team